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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is hard to believe that I have been living the trucking life for over a year now. Every one asks me if it gets old driving the same route back and forth each week. I tell them that there is something new each trip if I am open to enjoying the journey. I have seen a baby buffalo nursing from its mom in a pasture, a baby lamb lost and crying for mom, a family of rams and many other animals. There are my old friends, the camels in Fredericksburg, Texas and the buffalo in Johnson City, TX. With the season changes there are new crops, wildflowers and regeneration in the spring. We watch the orchards produce fruit and then marvel at their bare limbs through the winter. I watch the miles go by through bug stained windshields and snap countless pictures of sunsets through my side window, learning how to capture things while zipping by at 65 miles per hour!
This summer has offered up a lot of dry scenery and scorching temps. Yuma was sizzling at 116 degrees this week as we passed through. Our poor radiator hose gave into the heat today. Luckily we were within walking distance of an auto parts store in Marana, AZ. The wind was a blessing during our one mile walk to the store to find a replacement hose. The temperature was hovering at 105 degrees. I was thankful that we did not take our usual route through Gila Bend. We could have been stranded a long way from civilization.

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